Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ndbunit is great - once you get past the pain

Over the last few days I've been setting up my latest project to use Ndbunit to initialise the database to known state prior to running each of my unit tests. It has been a bit of painful process as the documentation is fairly minmal and non-existant for some features, but I think I've got there now.

A couple of things I wanted to put down here in case I ever forget them and start banging my head on the desk again!

Firstly if you want to use the InsertIdentity method you need to make sure your xsd sets the AutoIncrement attribute to true for your identity column. eg.

<xs:element autoincrement="true" type="xs:int" name="PERSON_ID">

Secondly if you want to insert more than one row into a table you need to make sure your xsd sets the IsDataSet attribute to true e.g

<xs:element name="PERSON" isdataset="true">

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