Friday, July 07, 2006

MonoDevelop hacking

Spent the last couple of evenings updating some work I did on MonoDevelop ages ago but never got round to submitting. The internals of MonoDevelop have really changed since I first wrote my code so I had to spend a couple of hours updating it to work with the new version of MonoDevelop from SVN.

I then realised that I hadn't quite got it right last time as the method combo would only show the methods the class had when the file was opened. i.e. if you added a new method it wouldn't show up in the combo until you closed and reopened the file. With some helpful pointers from Lluis on #monodevelop last night I think I have just about solved that problem by hooking into the IParseInformationChanged event. This event fires with every key stroke. With a bit of GLib.Timeout goodness to stop the combos being rebound every time the event fires we are almost there...

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